11 8 / 2012

Fishing Tomorrow :D

So I spent the past 2 hours meticulously hooking lines with sparkly homemade bait :D

LOLOL I hooked myself like 2308309840384 times, but s’all good :3

Inuyasha movie marathon though :D

Someone should text me or anon or whatever! Haha Keep me company! :D

*Le Crappy Transition*

On the other hand though.

I see how it is. You talk to them but not me?

We have a big conversation and you acknowledge everyone but me? 

LOL That’s cool, you’re boring anyways :3

*Le change of topic again*

LOL…people who reply with one word, can’t even hold up a conversation, or doesn’t even try to hold a conversation…

That’s cool too, you’re boring also :3

Long hair, don’t care ;D